Going Medieval Soundtrack


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Trace the aural journey of your medieval colony with the Going Medieval soundtrack – from the gentle tones that punctuate the construction of your first hut, to the dramatic strings that accompany a siege battle. Composed by Nino Rajačić, co-founder of developer Foxy Voxel and developer on the game – the Going Medieval OST has been crafted to fully evoke the setting of a post-calamity medieval Britain. More tracks will be added as the game charts its development journey through Early Access, and all tracks are available in MP3. TRACK LISTING [1:37] A New Land Awaits [3:53] Tavern Night [3:00] Humble Beginnings [5:37] Vagabond Prelude [3:13] Working the Fields [2:22] Revenge of Ysabella [11:08] Elegy for the Fallen [17:11] Variations on Solitude [3:17] Melancholy Fall [4:17] A Long Road Home