Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: Lost Battles

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The second expansion for the Eastern Front tour de force Gary Grigsby’s War in the East just arrived with Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: Lost Battles! This new addition to the award-winning War in the East fills out your collection of Eastern Front scenarios with a range of new and challenging battles. Shorter scenarios like Operation Mars, Courland Pocket, Smolensk 1941, Operation Bagration, the Liberation of Leningrad and Operation Konrad bring you to some of the most interesting operations in World War II while keeping the time investment to 15 turns or less. Added to these are medium size scenarios like the Battle for Moscow, Vistula to Berlin and Winter 1942-43, as well as the immense new Stalingrad to Berlin campaign and a new sudden death victory variant of the main 1941-1945 campaign. Features 11 scenarios that are sure to add countless more hours of gameplay to the famous War in the East game engine Historical notes and maps for each scenario included in an additional PDF reference manual Shorter engagements to help players hone their skills for larger scenarios practice offensive tactics, air support, and more Larger, multi-month operations that decide the fate of World War II and provide the epic scale War in the East fans love like the Vistula to Berlin campaign or the Stalingrad to Berlin campaign Lost Battles takes full advantage of the hefty number of new features and rule changes that come with the massive new 1.07.xx update. Scenarios List Operation Mars 1942, Red God of War (24 November 1942 8 February 1943, 11 turns) Courland Pocket 44 (5 October 1944 3 January 1945, 13 Turns) Operation Konrad (31 December 24 February 1945, 8 Turns) Liberation of Leningrad 44 (13 January 19 April 1944, 14 Turns) Smolensk 1941 (10 July 17 September 1941, 10 Turns) Moscow 1941- 42 (30 September 1941 20 April 1942, 29 Turns) Operation Bagration (22 June 23 August 1944, 9 Turns) Vistula to Berlin 1945 (12 January 31 May 1945, 20 Turns) Winter 42-43 (19 November 1942 31 March 1943, 19 Turns) Stalingrad to Berlin Campaign (19 November 1942 16 May 1945, 130 Turns) 1941-45 Campaign Sudden Death Variant (22 June 1941 4 July 1945, 211 Turns)