FORCED SHOWDOWN: Supreme Skin Pack


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Get a new skin for all five Contestants including the supreme skins. “Vacation Ravager” & “Mech Hammer” and the rare skin “Fire Squire”. Your friends will die of envy when they see you strut your stuff in this new Summer Collection from BetaDwarf! One supreme Volco skin. (Mech Hammer) This skin for Volco has had a full redo of all the mesh and textures for volco, turning him into a futuristic mech warrior of burning awesomeness. One supreme Ravager skin. (Vacation Ravager) Ever wanted to become a crazy alien Mexican Ravager? Well now you can! One Rare Squire of Light skin. (Fire Squire) The power of the sun became to much for the Squire and his armor has started to melt from the inside out! The fact that the cloth on his armor hasn’t burned away is a testament to the tailors of his home world! One Stormbringer skin. Bring the thunder!! But do it in a new flashy red outfit! One Settsu skin. Take up the colors of the new Drone faction, with this white and black armor for the new Expansion Contestant. (This Settsu skin requires the Drone Invasion DLC to unlock, but all other skins in the pack do not)