ENDLESS™ Space 2 – Harmonic Memories


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ENDLESS™ Space 2 – Harmonic Memories More than 6 years have passed since the release of the first Endless Space… FlybyNo, in pure madness, decided to delve into the archives and remaster his favorite songs from the game that made what Amplitude Studios is today! This add-on also features the arrival of a new Harmony Hero FES2 Reflects.A few words by FlybyNo: “For this musical add-on, I chose my 9 favorite songs from Endless Space and modernized them with new instruments and musicians. In two pieces we recorded some “duduk”, the Armenian flute emblematic of ES1’s main theme. I also recorded a duet of singers for all the choir parts (that I had sung myself at the time, and I can tell you that I sing particularly badly!). All the rhythmic parts were redone by my assistant Alexandre, and I replaced most of the synthesizers with brand new ones, especially the Solaris by John Bowen, and The River which a French synthesizer only produced in 20 copies to date. I hope you enjoy listening to this add-on as much as I did producing it.” Composed and produced by FlybyNo Duduk and drum programming : Alexandre Bobe Voices : Samantha Ferrando & Bertrand Antigny Track list: 1 – Magenta Clouds 2 – Slice and Collide 3 – Reach The Amoeba 4 – The Dust 5 – Bleu Argon 6 – Terraforming 7 – Falling Night Stars 8 – The Endless 9 – Deafen DawnNew Harmony Hero: FES2 Reflects The thing that separates Reflects from its kin and species could best be described as “fatalism”. While other elements of the Harmony may rail and fight against Dust, seeking to avoid or lessen its disturbance of their senses, Reflects simply accepted Dust as a new part of its reality and moved on. The desire to understand Dust led it to the Academy, where curious scientists and philosophers were as eager to study this mineral specimen as it was to study their wisdom and ways…