Diluvian Winds


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As the weather becomes more and more extreme, a walrus serving as a lighthouse keeper welcomes travelers looking for a place to rest. As a keeper, accommodate travelers, and meet their requests to resist natural disasters, while developing the hamlet on land, under water, and in the air. The lighthouse helps travelers and wandering caravans to get their bearings in the world. The keeper needs to keep the fire going, for if it were to go out, the place would be cut off from the outside world. The keeper regularly welcomes anthropomorphic travelers to the hamlet. Each traveler is unique and has their own knowledge and characteristics, but also their own requests for you to meet. Take this information into account to build a sustainable and habitable community. Numerous people cross the Diluvian seas, and the lighthouse is the perfect meeting point for merchants seeking resources. Trade with them, and maintain a trustful relationship with their guilds to increase the number of services they offer. The keeper always shares a meal with travelers at dusk. He decides on the menu, depending on what ingredients are available. His recipes are famous among travelers, even if some say they can be somewhat “”experimental””. The keeper and his cousin reunited. With the latter’s flying machine, it is now possible to go on an expedition. Choose a route on your map, and assign your most dauntless travelers to explore the surroundings. Be cautious, as each area, route, and crew member will influence your expedition’s success. Depending on the weather forecast, various game phases will be affected, such as production or the lighthouse fire. You also will need to watch out for natural disasters, such as tsunamis or underwater eruptions.