Deep Sky Derelicts: Station Life

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Station Life is the second expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts that, as its name suggests, focuses on turning the station, your scavenger home and safe haven, into a livelier and more varied place to be, more useful and versatile hub of scavenging operations, and a more compelling experience overall. The overhauled station brings new possibilities to further upgrade and customize your crew by crafting custom weaponry and equipment, re-training and neurally enhancing your squad members, and even changing their looks to your liking. The DLC also throws at you a handful of randomly generated but constantly challenging encounters and timed events that involve other station dwellers and may easily catch you off guard while always putting either your combat prowess, your luck or your business acumen to a test. To top it all off, the local bar now offers you a bunch of high-profile bounty contracts to pursue during your derelict raids for unique trophies and hefty coin rewards. Oh, and there is a new recruit class, the Inventor, waiting for you there! New and enhanced station facilities: – Crafting Workshop (extension of the Research Workshop) that allows to craft any type of equipment after disassembling an item of the corresponding type. – Advanced Medical services: Experimental Surgery Department and Neural Reprocessing Facility that allow: – installing neural implants that enhance various skills and abilities of individual crew members; – re-training crew members by resetting and re-allocating their ability points; (available to base game owners free of charge!!!) – and customizing crew members’ visual appearance including changing characters’ portraits and individual elements of their scavenger suits. (available to base game owners free of charge!!!) – New technology upgrades in the Research Workshop related to crafting and implants. Station random encounters: – Defending the station from randomly intruding raiders; – Peaceful communication with station dwellers and fellow scavengers; – Bargaining with various kinds of traders including shady dealers coming with high-risk high-reward offers; – Brawling with rival scavenger crews; – All set in new station environments with unique room backgrounds. New contracts and missions: – 10 brand-new Bounty contracts to locate and eliminate elite enemy groups that pose an increased threat to the player with their special gear and traits but promise hefty rewards; –  A dozen new side missions to complete and a bunch of new NPC encounters to discover and enjoy. Miscellaneous: – A new playable class: Inventor – a sturdy, melee-combat oriented character that lacks shields but applies unique health regeneration abilities on the battlefield to compensate for that; – New equipment types especially useful for hybrid class specializations, along with new illustrious mods and new handy consumables; – 6 new nasty enemy types of varied power and nature to further increase diversity on board and across derelicts.