Dead Cells: The Bad Seed


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Explore a relaxing Arboretum, wade through a noxious Swamp and take on a new boss in this new early game content designed to expand the Dead Cells universe. So you’ll be able to play through: The Dilapidated Arboretum: a relaxing and peaceful greenhouse inhabited by a peaceful clan of mushrooms, with an understandable desire to murder The Beheaded. The Morass of The Banished: a noxious environment ruled by a band of tree dwelling mutants with pointy sticks, sneaky dart shooting frogmen and a bunch of deadly bloodsuckers. The Nest: Domain of Mama Tick, if you’ve seen Starship Troopers, you get the idea… The two new levels and their monsters are alternatives to Promenade of the Condemned/Toxic Sewers and Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers, with the boss designed to be on par with The Concierge, so hopefully it’ll spice up your early game runs once you’ve played through the base game.