Danger Scavenger Soundtrack


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This soundtrack constitute conflicting emotions. A beautiful electronic drifts through industrial scapes vs their energetic counterparts, accompanying rooftop boss-fights. A trip. SZYMON WEISS Producer of unruly electronic music (bordering with techno), currently merges it with grand electronic-symphonic show Weiss Video Orchestra and performs with a 16 people chamber orchestra. Music production and engineering teacher at Warsaw’s Instytut Dźwięku. Film scores (among others for J. J. Skolimowski, or P. Kielar). Commercial scores for CI Games, European Solidarity Center, National Chamber of Commerce, Academy of Fine Arts. Numerous jingles for festivals or radio. Track Listing Altered 16 Days Banka’s Genesis Get the System Dark Neon Black Neon Helix Wave Double Helix Echoes of Rain Tears in Rain Connected Minds Collective Consciousness Data Transfer Synaptic Seepage