Cultist Simulator: Original Soundtrack

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A compendium of arcane, remastered tracks from the award-winning Cultist Simulator, dripping in atmosphere, lore and something dark and sticky you probably shouldn’t ask about. Composed by Mickymar Productions, the same ingenious Canadians behind the Fallen London and Sunless Sea OSTs. 1. The Dreams Begin 2. What Now? 3. Apollo and Marsyas: Overture 4. The Ivory and the Lovely 5. The Old Must End 6. Walking the Wood 7. Those Are Pearls That Were Her Eyes 8. The Chamber’s Light 9. We Call Upon the Watchman 10. June the 28th 11. The Shadows Have Spread Like Oil 12. The Worms 13. Gold, Red and Black 14. History Is Less Certain Than We Are Taught 15. The House Without Walls