Craft the World – Bosses & Monsters

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Repel an invasion of pirates from a ghost ship, deal with the were-dwarves that appear during blood moons in winter, solve a Sphinx’s riddle, and defeat a Monster from the Depths of the subterranean world in the “Bosses and Monsters” DLC! DLC details: Unique bosses and events in every campaign world. New equipment and weapons, ingredients for secret recipes and defensive structures. New, more dangerous surface and subterranean monsters. Keep your dwarves from going wild and turning into a pack of were-dwarves when infected. As well as: Automatic digging machines – digging tunnels and laying tracks will now go much faster. Library – crafting books allows you more quickly research any technology or buff key stats like dwarves’ health. Incubator – an excellent addition to any farm. Raise chickens, dragons, and wyverns. You might even learn to fly the latter!