City of Gangsters Deluxe Edition Upgrade


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Bourbon Bootlegging DLC: Cincinnati city map – On the Ohio River just across from Kentucky with its long history of distilling whiskey and bourbon. A new challenge presented by the city’s singular geography with hills, distinct neighborhoods, and the Ohio River cutting off valuable resources in Kentucky. New resources – To produce, convert into new types of illicit alcohol, sell and serve in your speakeasies: Bourbon: Acquire bourbon from Kentucky’s reserves of pre-Prohibition whiskey and learn how to counterfeit it from locals.Corn: Toss some corn into steel barrels in a unique way to make moonshine.Corn whiskey: Use the abundant corn that comes from Cincinnati’s stock yards and Ohio River barges to distill into a precursor of its more famous cousin, bourbon. Additional missions – Based in Cincinnati and its environs that feature the locally unique resources. New crew skills – To master in order to build operations that benefit from new illegal resources: Moonshine stillsCorn Whiskey StillsCounterfeit Bourbon BottlingBootleggers, speakeasies and clubs that consume lots of corn whiskey and bourbon Cincinnati themed buildings and businesses – That anchor you in the Queen City with its stockyards and river port. Unique victory condition – To meet based on local resources and conditions.