Chef: Cocktails & Drinks


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Tired of serving soda to your customers? It’s time to reach a whole new dimension of beverages with Chef: Cocktails & Drinks! Ranging from fruity booze to overpriced creamy coffee, you will have a new wide array of options at your disposal to gently decrease your customers’ bank account! Content • 5 New Templates, allowing you to create custom drinks: Cocktail, Alcohol-Free Cocktail, Hot Beverage, Cold Beverage, and Tea! • An entire new Skill Tree dedicated to beverages, bringing your menu quality to new peaks! • 26 new pre-made Recipes, so you don’t have to ask your bartender for a list of ingredients if you want to copy existing cocktails! • 26 tasty new ingredients to create unique beverages with! • 40 new decorations to give your place a unique look, including flashy neons to lure people with high alcohol tolerance!