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Book of Demons – Collector’s Content DLC features the original soundtrack, digital artbook, high resolution key art with source files and a full set of thematic wallpapers. BOOK OF DEMONS DIGITAL ARTBOOK 70 pages PDF (137 when printed into book format) featuring exclusive concept art from the game. The artbook is divided into 25 chapters such as: The Archive of Awesome, Pop-up books, The Town, The Rogue, The Maze, The Antipope, Gargoyles & Demons, User Interface, Cards, etc. Includes Things that didn’t make it and Wrong Turns chapters. DIGITAL POSTER High resolution Book of Demons Key-art digital poster with source PSD file. THEMATIC WALLPAPERS 18 thematic wallpapers in 2160p (16:9) and 2400p (16:10) resolutions. All wallpapers are without any logos or overlay text. R2G AVATARS 24 Return 2 Games and Book of Demons avatars in 512×512 high quality JPG files. BOOK OF DEMON’S PROTOTYPE This is the earliest playable build we used to see if the game will work (Windows only). The prototype features the early Flexiscope, early gameplay mechanics and classes (only Warrior has cards), cards as we envisaged them back then, one of the first Town mockups, developer cheat codes and probably some derelict bugs too. Not to mention totally “programmer art” graphics. FULL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK All tracks are provided in lossless FLAC and HQ MP3. Total soundtrack length is 38 minutes. 01 – Return 2 Games Intro 02 – Return 2 Games Main Theme 03 – Book of Demons Intro 04 – Book of Demons Town Theme 05 – Book of Demons Maze Theme 06 – Book of Demons Catacombs Theme 07 – Book of Demons Hell Theme 08 – Book of Demons Hell Battle Music 09 – Book of Demons Incantation Theme 10 – Book of Demons Antipope Incantation 11 – Book of Demons Cook Incantation 12 – Book of Demons Archdemon Incantation 13 – Book of Demons Archdemon Dies (outro) 14 – Book of Demons Die, Demons Die Song 15 – Book of Demons Die, Demons Die Song (Karaoke) 16 – Book of Demons Die, Demons Die Song (alternate ending) 17 – Book of Demons Reveal Trailer Music 18 – Book of Demons R2G Main Theme (performed live by 99 dollar orchestra)