BLACKTAIL – Original Soundtrack


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Get carried away by BLACKTAIL’s Original Soundtrack. A combination of dreamlike, Slavic themes with modern motifs and synthetic sounds reflects contrast and duality – the foundation of BLACKTAIL’s vibrant world. The score composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski, with performances by Robot Koch, Zazula Vocal Group, Bartosz Pałyga, and CZELUSC Collective follows Yaga’s highs and lows, from the game’s sunniest meadows to its darkest depths. It sets the emotional backdrop for a dark fairy-tale like no other. Available in MP3, FLAC and WAV formats. Tracklist: [03:49] BLACKTAIL [01:39] Fireflies [04:30] Wiosna [02:28] Garden Gnolls [02:51] The Red Oak [04:28] Ghosts I (Wiosna Reprise) [04:28] Lato [01:49] Ghosts II (Lato Reprise) [04:28] Once Upon A Time [02:31] GOAT [04:26] Jesień [03:24] Ghosts III (Jesień Reprise) [05:50] The Raven’s Calling [07:07] Zima