Attentat 1942


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Attentat 1942 is a historically-accurate adventure told through the eyes of World War 2 survivors. Many moral dilemmas and existential struggles await you on your way to discover the troubled past of your family. Written and made by professional historians. It’s 1942 and Reinhard Heydrich, the ruler of the Nazi occupied Czech lands appointed by Hitler, was assassinated. Nazi retaliation was brutal. Your grandpa was among the victims, sent to a concentration camp. But why? What role did he play in the attack? Why didn’t he tell his family? Was he brave or reckless? Immerse yourself in a story about love, friendship and heroism among the horrors of a world conflict. Confront witnesses, experience the everyday life under Nazi rule and uncover the fate of your family in this award-winning game about World War II. dive into deep-branching dialogues, where your choices matter experience history through interactive comics and memories, hide resistance leaflets from the Gestapo or flee from a Nazi prison explore rare digitized film footage and historical items About Us Charles Games is a Prague-based studio focused on exploring the narrative possibilities of video games with strong emphasis on serious games.