Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation – Overlord Scenario Pack DLC


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Unite the forces of the Post-Human Coalition and the Substrate and conquer your foes in exciting new single-player scenarios that will test your strategy and skill. Then, for some multiplayer excitement, explore new maps that range from 2 player skirmishes all the way up to large, 6-player rumbles. Scenarios Overlord – An overpowering Substrate entity controls the only Turinium Generator on the map. The PHC has managed to hack one of the Substrate’s assemblies, allowing you to build their units in addition to your own. Can you and your two AI allies smash through the enemy’s defenses before the planetary conversion is complete? Assault – Massive waves of enemy frigates are flooding and controlling the world of Pythos. Combining your PHC forces with hacked Substrate forces – including a powerful Avatar unit – you will need to fight to turn the tables and take back the world. Maps Fast and Furious – Get right to the combat in this small, fast 2-player map. Dread Valley – Capture the generators and seize control in this small, open area 4-player map. Slow and Steady – Team up and conquer your foes in this large, 6-player map ideal for 3v3 matches. Assault – Enjoy an epic 1v1 match on this asymmetrical map from the Assault scenario. Scavenger – If you feel like an old-fashioned ‘comp stomp’, this map from the Overlord scenario is great for a 3v1 setup. Frozen Wastes – Resources are scarce and there’s a giant mountain in the way that you must conquer in this small, 4-player map.