Arcade Paradise Coin-Op Pack 1


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Includes the ‘Empathy’, ‘Smoke ‘em’ and ‘CyberDance EuroMix’ DLC packs Empathy Time to grasp the handles and ascend the mountain whilst avoiding being hit by rocks from unbelievers. The longer you survive the more points you score. Forsake loneliness. Feel togetherness. Ascend. Smoke ’em Aim. Fire. Reload. It’s time to test your sharpshooting skills against the clock in this supremely fun high scoring 2 player shooting range. CyberDance EuroMix CyberDance EuroMix is the rave focused follow up to Arcade Paradise’s smash hit dancing sensation, CyberDance – with updated graphics and next generation widescreen technology. Pick your tune, then coordinate your movements in time with the beat. The closer to matching the beat you tap, the more you’ll score! Prepare to dance your socks off. For one or two players.