Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Deep in the Bamboo Forest


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In the world of immortality seekers, a great event has unfolded: an ancient, out-of-this-world land named the Great Bamboo Forest has been discovered by some especially adventurous cultivators. It’s a land full of new resources: gather tasty bamboo shoots for cooking, and cut down bamboo stalks to construct buildings of various styles, or to make fishing rods! And don’t forget the cute, mysterious creatures that lurk within: the pandas! Witness the panda’s charm for yourself as it sweeps across the world of cultivators! New animal species: PandaA newly-discovered creature—the panda, native to the Great Bamboo Forest. Nurture them, and fill your sect with their cuteness. Yet sometimes, panda monsters who have failed in their shapeshift may invade your sect. Pandas that have become enlightened transform into Panda Yaoguai. They are blessed with traits unique to their species, and can unlock secret bodies exclusive to them if they become physical cultivators. New Spiritual Pets: Divine Panda BrothersXiuxiu and Xianxian are brothers. Xiuxiu transferred his own life force to save his brother, who was born disabled, preventing his mind and body from growing on its own. This sacrifice also resulted in the two sharing a curious symbiotic connection. The Divine Panda Brothers are natural diplomats. Sending them to any NPC sect will rapidly improve your relationship with them. You can now invite them to your sect, and watch them grow as your sect develops and expands. New Plant: BambooAdded a new plant that can be grown and harvested: bamboo. You can now collect bamboo stalks and bamboo shoots (the love of every panda!) from them. Added food and dishes that incorporate bamboo shoots. Added new buildings constructed from bamboo stalks. New System: FishingYou can now catch fish in bodies of water all across the world. In this world of immortality, there’s countless strange and wonderful fish each with vastly different habits; figuring out how to catch them all can now become a joy for every inquisitive cultivator. And you’ll be able to catch a whole lot more than just fish… This is the world of cultivators, after all! Added 64 different fish species. Added food and dishes incorporating fish.