3001: A Lust Odyssey


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This Visual Novel is designed to be a relaxing experience. Are you tired of grindy VNs that use the “sandbox” excuse to extend playtime? Nervous you’ll miss the story/scenes you would enjoy most because of a dialogue option you picked wrong? Then this is the right AVN for you! MILF Odyssey is designed to be a chill, relaxing experience that you can enjoy with NO grinding, and without a walkthrough. It is a linear experience, so you can just relax and you won’t miss a single scene, even if you only play it through once! Don’t worry when picking dialog responses, you’ll get to experience everything on your first playthrough. So just sit back, relax, and ENGAGE! If you’re looking for a grind, multiple paths accessible through obscure choices, and other headaches, this is NOT the VN for you.   BDSM Disclaimer The story and many scenes contain strong domination themes (maledom). If you are not comfortable with domination/submission themes, including punishment, humiliation, or questionable consent, this is NOT the VN for you. Space. Man’s final fantasy. These are the sexcapades of the USS Ecstasy. Its standing orders: to explore uncharted territory, to seek out new sexual adventures. To boldly cum where no one has come before.   Explore the Galaxy and meet new species of sexy aliens Embark on an epic porn adventure and explore its rich universe filled with slutty species! Discover a sexy species that “bonds” with the man who deflowers them, staying loyal and submissive to him for life…   Fuck your way to the top In this adult visual novel, you will play as Ensign [Your Name], and explore the Alpha Quadrant, under Captain Kateway’s orders, with the help of her sexy crew. Protect the Federation and uphold its values by joining the newly created Mobile Interstellar Liaison Force (MILF). Do a good job and you won’t stay an Ensign for long!   Romance the girls of your dreams Get to know the beauties of the USS Ecstasy and their fetishes… Fall in love with your crewmates. Punish your enemies. Delight in the process of building your harem filled with sex crazed aliens and cyborgs.   Easy to play and replay NO GRINDING. Just sit back and relax. Pick the dialogue options you like best without fear of missing out. The sex scene gallery allows you to easily relive your favorite sex scenes. So, what are you waiting for, Ensign? Engage!   MILF / GILF Alien / Monster Girl Anal Pregnancy Slave girl Maledom Femdom (OPTIONAL and easy to skip) FFM, FFFM, FFFFFFFM Bimbofication Religion Voyeurism Cumplay BDSM Ahegao Android / Cyborg Corruption This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.