Whateverland: Prologue


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Full version of Whateverland is available on GOG.com. You can purchase it here Whateverland: Prologue is a glimpse into the universe of an upcoming adventure game. Whateverland is a hand-painted point-n-click adventure game with a branching dialogue system, non-linear gameplay, various endings, and unique in-game turn-based strategy sports simulator. Vincent is a skilled thief who decides to steal a precious necklace from a mansion of a lonely old lady named Beatrice. His plan would have gone perfectly well, but when she catches him red-handed, she turns out to be an ancient and powerful witch. As a punishment, Beatrice sends him to the parallel world she has created, where the witch traps those she considers her enemies. The first inhabitants of this bizarre world called it Whateverland, and since then it kind of stuck. Vincent teams up with a weird guy named Nick, and together they are willing to find their way out. Are they going to make it? That’s up to you!