Veil of Darkness


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LIFT THE VEIL OF DARKNESS AND ENCOUNTER THE NEW FACE OF HORROR! Bloody from the flaming wreckage of your cargo plane, you stagger into a desolate village in a time-forgotten valley. With each step, you slide deeper into a horror beyond reason. A terrifying tale unfolds – of Kairn, a man compelled to murder his father and brothers. A man with an all-consuming lust for power. A man who feasts on human blood! You must destroy this blood-mad demon and his flesh-devouring ghouls and werewolves. Or you will die. Will you be the final victor? Or Kairn’s next victim? Unravel terrifying riddles. Fulfill bone-chilling quests. Clash in a deadly face-off with the vampire Kairn. Fight for your life in one of three combat levels. Use the right weapon to destroy each ghoul, werewolf and zombie. Or die. Meet a host of spectral characters whose dark secrets reveal more of the mystery. Sink deep into this gothic nightmare adventure with state-of-the-art gameplay. Record every step you take in dungeons with line-of-sight auto-mapping and print-out features.