Vagrus – The Riven Realms: Old Acquaintances

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Two savants from largely disparate backgrounds: one born a slave, the other into Imperial nobility. Fate saw their paths inextricably intertwined, and neither escaped unscarred. Both of their journeys are filled with trials and tribulations, but while Sedarias, the now Undead Knight of the Black Sun, will walk a path that shall shake his very faith in the Empire, Javek, the Tarkian sorcerer, will undertake a discovery of the past; an inward journey, possibly taking players to the ends of their wits. Vagrus – The Riven Realms: Old Acquaintances, reintroduces Sedarias and Javek, companions known to those familiar with the ‘Pilgrims of the Wasteland’ campaign, but now they are over a decade older. Each has changed drastically and each is equipped with new abilities, individual and specific loyalty quests that explore their own stories, with new enemies and rewards that accompany them. The DLC also introduces the Freelancers’ Guild, a new independent organiztation of mercenaries that can bolster or aid vagri looking for specialized skills.   Javek  Those familiar with the Tarkian will know him as an idealistic and gifted sorcerer with the ability to read minds and sense feelings. A principled and compassionate man still, yet much has changed for Javek in the time since his days on the road, irrevocably setting the Tarkian on a path few would choose. Sedarias The dark knight returns from the Underworld, though the greatest of trials yet awaits him in his newfound Undeath. A prodigy of the Order of the Black Sun, Sedarias is known for his decisiveness, uncompromising manner, and lethality in combat. Just how he will come to terms with his new predicament and what it means for the Riven Realms writ large remains to be seen.   IMPORTANT NOTE While it is not possible to employ Sedarias and Javek simultaneously – they are, after all, bitter foes – it is possible to complete both of their quests in a single playthrough, one after the other.   The Freelancers’ Guild Players will be able to contact Collegium Mercennaris, an independent organization, to hire mercenary specialists (one at a time). The four available include an ex-gladiator, a Necromancer-for-hire, a Kal-rish ranger, and a veteran slinger. Such hirelings will be most useful in early and mid game, but interesting skill combinations might alter late game tactics, too.   Content and Features Two fully fleshed-out Companions (Javek and Sedarias) with unique backstories, motivations, and goals in the Riven Realms Extensive loyalty questlines for both new Companions, covering narratives that will see you explore never-before-seen locations and delve into Realm-shattering secrets A variety of new enemies that fit into each Companion’s story, showcasing one of the Realms’ most terrifying factions, and bringing to the fore entities of ancient realms, equipped with forbidden knowledge and long-lost power Four new hirelings that can lend their skills and abilities to any comitatus willing to pay their fee A cast of new NPCs from two very distinct worlds and backgrounds The new Companions are also powerful new Deputies capable of impacting your comitatus in various ways narratively as well as in combat