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“UltraGoodness” is a bloody mess, dynamic and fun action involving the struggle between Good and Evil in the world, where the Dark Forces turned all creatures into possessed monsters. Tear your enemies to pieces, leave oceans of blood and mountains of corpses! Kill poor little animals, fricking terrorists, and ghoulish-like creatures. Fight the Evil using its methods, show ’em what you got, show ’em your RAGE! But remember — it’s all in the name of Goodness, of course! Fast-paced gameplay: kill poor creatures and try not to die too fast! You are in the League of Goodness, dude: there are some brutal characters with the biggest nuts at your disposal. Each has its skill, guns, and powerful spells. Against you – there is a fricking army of psychos, deadly traps, voracious demons, and challenging bosses! It sucks to fight with the whole mess alone, right? Find a random companion and the power-ups: burn or freeze your enemies, sic your cute pug on them, and call the dreadful ghost (in fact, he is nice) to grind their bones into dust! Splatter blood all over the levels, you maniac! Music? There is some music in the game; watch your ears!