UltraGoodness 2


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The struggle between Good and Evil continues in this bloody action where time moves only when you move or shoot. Tear Satan’s forces to pieces, leave oceans of their blood and mountains of demon’s corpses in the name of Goodness! UltraGoodness 2 is still a fun and bloody action game, but this time it blended with the time manipulation and availability of a permanent companion cat. FeaturesUnique time-motion mechanic: time moves slower when the player doesn’t move or shoot. Permanent companion: flurry white cat who can fight demons as well as you. Fast-paced (when you’re moving or shooting) gameplay: kill enemies and maneuver through a hurricane of fireballs! Or stop and think about how to dodge the bullets headed straight for your face. Against you: Satan’s forces, deadly traps, and challenging bosses. Upgrade your companion cat: let him burn your enemies or fry their brains by laser. Finally, the main thing about UltraGoodness is having fun, so turn off your brain and splatter blood all over the levels.