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Fatebinder’s Seal & Commander’s Will Pre-order bonus includes two in-game items: Fatebinder’s Seal – The seal of a Fatebinder is used to stamp documents with Tunon’s sigil. Though modest in appearance, the seal is a representation of Kyros’ legal approval. Merely holding it impresses upon the wielder a sense of authority. – Accessory – Grants +2 Resolve Commander’s Will – These boots have been passed down the ranks of Northern soldiers who distinguish themselves as promising leaders. – Leather Boots – Trigger on Party Kill: Remove a hostile effect from each active party member (Only usable by Player) Tyranny – Archon Edition will include the following: – Base Game – Ringtones: three notification tones and one ringtone – Archon Edition Forum Icon (for Paradox Plaza only) – Forum Avatars (for Paradox Plaza only) – Exclusive Archon Edition Avatars (for Paradox Plaza only) – Digital Original Soundtrack: The Tyranny soundtrack delivers 57 min of original music, including a total of 18 tracks. – Digital High-Resolution Game Map – Exclusive Coat of Arms: Adds 4 unique coat of arms to the Fatebinder’s selection of personalized war banners – show your allegiance with either The Disfavored, Scarlet Chorus, Tunon the Adjudicator, or Kyros the Overlord. – Short Story Collection: A rich digital collection of ten short stories from the world of Tyranny, giving readers a deeper look at the brutal world and powerful characters that live under Kyros’ rule. Written by the creative team behind Tyranny, these stories introduce several of the game’s companions and key characters. This collection includes 3 exclusive tales never seen before, alongside 7 originally published on the official Tyranny website. – Digital High-Resolution Wallpapers: Add your desktop to Kyros’ domain with a selection of high-quality artwork from Tyranny, sized for PC desktops in high resolution. The collection includes ten different pieces from the Tyranny art team, including one signed by the developers. Also Available on GOG.com: Tyranny – Commander Edition Pre-Order Tyranny – Overlord Edition Pre-Order In Tyranny, the grand war between good and evil is over – and the forces of evil, led by Kyros the Overlord, have won. The Overlord’s merciless armies dominate the face of the world, and its denizens must find their new roles within the war-torn realm… even as discord begins to rumble among the ranks of Kyros’ most powerful Archons. Players will experience the new world order under Overlord in a reactive role-playing game (RPG), interacting with the populace as a powerful Fatebinder in the Overlord’s forces — roaming the lands to inspire loyalty or fear as they bring control to the last holdouts of the Tiers.Branching, unique stories in an original setting: The battle between good and evil has already taken place, and evil stands victorious Choices matter – make world-altering decisions with far-reaching consequence: As a Fatebinder in the Overlord’s army you wield a vast amount of power in the occupied lands of the Tiers. Will you use that to inspire stability and loyalty, will you be feared, or will you seek your own power? Challenging, classic RPG combat: Tactical real-time-with-pause combat with new party-driven mechanics and modern presentation A rich original setting: Not just another “hero’s journey” — Tyranny turns the archetypal RPG story on its head and allows players to explore a new take on good and evil