Tin Hearts Soundtrack

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Behind every brilliant invention, hides a magical story. Behind every passionate game, lies an unforgettable soundtrack. The Tin Hearts Original soundtrack contains 34 tracks taken from the immersive narrative puzzle adventure game from members of the team that brought you Fable. Enjoy the poignant soundtrack, from award-winning composer Matthew Chastney, whose credits include trailers for ‘JOKER’, ‘Chernobyl’, and ‘Bridgerton’. Music by Matthew Chastney —- Matthew Chastney – Electronics, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano Richard Curran – Violin, Viola & Cello Jordi Francis – Celtic Harp Maria Grigoryeva – Violin & Viola Eric Heidbreder – Bassoon Laura Intravia – Flute, Alto Flute Kristin Naigus – Bass Flute, English Horn, Flute, Oboe, Recorders Natalia Nazarova – Cello Doug Perry – Marimba & Vibraphone Davi Raubach – Accordion Peter Anthony Smith – Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Amy Turk – Harp —- Mixed and Produced by Matthew Chastney Mastered by Jett Galindo —- Artwork by Christoph Krumnow  TRACK LISTING [1:28] A Resonance Beyond this World [3:20] Tin Hearts [3:49] To Delight the Young, and Confound the Old [5:57] A Trail of Puzzles [3:40] A Stitch in Time [3:07] One Man Band on the Run [2:39] An ‘Illustrious’ Guild [5:30] A World of Electric Imagination [5:39] Unwelcome Correspondence [1:28] A Light Through Time [3:02] The Love for Invention [2:17] The Road Not Taken [3:02] Unravel [4:28] A Breath of Life into the Inanimate [3:39] A Gift for Another Year [3:13] Mr Soldier & the Tiny Steppers [3:28] Precious Time [6:26] Heaven on Earth [3:24] A Place for Contemplation [4:31] The Best Laid Plans… [3:50] Cracks in the Foundation [3:08] Research and Development [5:03] Hourglass [2:49] Industrial Symphony no. 2 [3:24] The Distance Between [4:21] Machine Learning [2:38] The Sound of Spiders [3:47] Subterranean Blues [4:03] Playing With Power [2:06] Birth & Rebirth [7:25] Eternal [4:44] Out of Time [1:25] A Redemption Story [4:05] Epilogue