The Symbiant Re:Union – Adult Patch


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Indulge in the full adult experience of The Symbiant Re:union with the FREE adult patch! Satisfy your craving with juicy sexy-times between Danya and Brahve as they reunite after the events of the The Symbiant game. Brace yourself as they take each other to new levels of high with head-spinning sexual experiences in The Symbiant Re:Union. The Symbiant Re:union – 18+ Adult Only Patch contains explicit uncensored sex scenes (gay) and tentacle sex (consensual), and it also adds nudity and sexual themed dialogue to several scenes. Gay sex acts, including: 1. Groping 2. Hand job 3. Oral sex, rimming, a 69 4. Fingering 5. Anal Sex 6. Tentacle sex (consensual) Some kinks are part of the content including teasing, male domination, sex in the shower, sex in the wilderness. This DLC is only for those who are of legal age and wish to see such content. By downloading this DLC you are confirming you are 18 years of age or older (or your regional equivalent) and agree to see undressing, nudity and sexual interactions. If you have any difficulty installing it, contact us through our website.