The Rewinder – Root of Evil

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“Root of Evil” is a DLC adventure that takes place during Yun’s childhood… But this story is all about his father – the legendary Rewinder, Master Mont! Our story begins when Mont and little Yun leave for XiangYang City in search of Yun’s missing mother. But before they reach their destination the Rewinders take shelter in a nearby town – Liu Village. As it happens, the strange activities of the village make our protagonist uneasy… Why are all of the villagers meditating? What is the meaning of their strange ceremonies? When the night comes and the moon rises in the sky, the true story of Liu Village will reveal itself. Nothing like the fledgling Yun’s journey, how will the accomplished Rewinder Master Mont approach this dangerous mystery? More content details: Brand new storyline; Unique puzzle-combat system; Increased freedom in memory level; Over 4 possible unique endings.