The Rewinder – Original Soundtrack


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Original 31 songs composed by MoonCake Audio for The Rewinder. 5 of them includes vocal. Available in MP3 192kbps, and WAV. TRACK LISTING Of Mountain and Sea (魂返轮回) [3:40] The Underworld (碧落黄泉) [1:38] The Village (村庄) [2:12] Winter Came By (昨夜春风来) [2:42] Stars Shifted (物转星移) [1:29] Cause and Effect (因果) [2:11] String Whispers (切切私语) [2:04] Moonlight Scatters – Story Version (玉盘散流光(小柳儿版)) [1:00] The Moon and Us (江清月近人) [3:16] Bamboo Brook (山眠竹溪外) [1:34] Lost in the Mist (柳暗花明) [1:57] The Office Song (办公室之歌) [2:05] The Jade Pendant (邪物) [2:19] Market of Ghosts (鬼市) [2:17] The Curtain Call (谢幕) [0:40] Into the Flame (赴汤蹈火) [2:09] Jade and Stone (玉石前盟) [2:01] Reed River Rally (众人拾柴) [2:22] Weaving the Web (天罗地网) [2:10] A Bitter Soul (空归月夜魂) [1:21] Fireside Stories (篝火晚会) [1:37] The Rewinder Theme (山海旅人) [4:27] Moonlight Scatters – PV version (玉盘散流光(PV原版)) [1:09] Awaken the Heavens (锣鼓喧天) [1:19] Banyan Blues (柳村) [3:14] The Drought (旱梦) [3:02] Give Me Your Core (花衫旦) [2:09] Get Out (水火未济) [1:14] The Wrong Path (风雷骤) [2:27] Rewinder Lullaby (Nightmare)(山海旅人(坏梦版)) [2:39] Rewinder Lullaby (Sweet Dreams)(山海旅人(晚安版)) [3:45]