The Real Texas: Cellpop Goes Out At Night


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The Real Texas: Cellpop Goes Out At Night is an adventure RPG taking place at a shopping mall on the Planet of the Friendeyes. “Mom says: Friendeyes don’t look sideways, so we don’t worry overmuch…” Two years ago the comms were cut to Kad, the shopping mall you grew up at. That’s when the trains stopped running, too; nobody’s heard anything from The City since then, and there haven’t been any visitors either. But it’s ok– sooner or later things will get back to normal. And Mom and Melia built a fence to keep everyone safe too, so now no-one else should disappear, too. Remember To: – Have fun playing with Sokpop, your best friend. – Stay out of trouble. – Listen to your Mom. – Try to avoid Jorny, your older brother, who is SUCH a pain. – Be home in time for bed, and don’t go out past the fence, OK? Cellpop Goes Out At Night is The Real Texas – Part 2, Part 1. Featuring all new music by yesso, a new world to explore, a fresh vibe to feel, and new thoughts to think about.