The Escapists 2: Game of the Year Edition


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STOP! Yes, you there! You are under arrest on suspicion of escaping from prison! You have the right to remain silent and absolutely no right to go and enjoy The Escapists: Game of the Year Edition! Including all 11 prisons from the base game and all Escapists 2 DLC, including impenetrable penitentiaries such as Wicked Ward and the Glorious Regime! Key Features Addictive prison simulation game, bursting with humour, sandbox gameplay and…duct tape? All of The Escapists 2 base game and DLC prisons under one roof! Buy, barter and beat your way to getting the items you need to aid your great escapes, with crafting, combat and any criminal activity you think you can get away with! Conspire with your favourite convicts with up to 4 player co-operative and versus multiplayer! With the convict customisation system there’s no excuse to be a fashion criminal!