The Castle


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Evil has taken over a small town. But a group of courageous adventurers has decided to organize an expedition to end the feared vampire. Recruit a group of characters to enter the castle and fulfill your mission. But get ready because the castle hides many surprises. Features:   Graphic adventure in retro style. Point and click. Make a team of 3 adventurers of 7 candidates. Each character has its abilities and defects with which it is easier or harder to finish the adventure. Some can be very clumsy … Watch with the castle guards, do not let yourself get caught! Different ways to solve puzzles. 5 different endings, some are easy and others are extremely difficult, find them all! English, German, Italian and Spanish A complete walkthrough for lost players. And a lot of fun! Our adventurers: Peter: That’s me, the one who discovered the castle and organized all the expedition. I’m a reporter and a writer for a mystery magazine, in addition to being an enthusiast of horror novels. Sister Angela: She left her convent to fight against dark and evil forces. Sister Angela is a senior demon and vampire hunter, since she was trained by the very same Vatican. Roger: The best student of his class, he’s got two degrees, three master’s degrees and speaks five languages. Now he aims to leave the classrooms and make use of his knowledge in an experience he wants to add to his curriculum. Agent L: Member of a highly secret organization who devoted his life to the search of paranormal activites. He’s an expert and knows these cases better than anyone. Gogo: His father is the boss of a gang of yakuzas. She masters several martial arts and bladed weapons. She didn’t think it twice when she was told about a castle inhabited by evil creatures. Alice: She spent all her life reading romantic novels and watching TV shows about vampires. Now it’s her oportunity to be bitten on the neck by a vampire and live her own adventure. She got really dressed up for the occasion… Bob: This guy has nothing to do with all this, but he was passing by and decided to come and check what was going on.