Tenioha! feat. Mami


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A classic visual novel about a workplace romance. HEROINE   Mami Himekawa (CV: Ryoko Teduka)  A slightly older coworker who’s the shining star of not only the sales department but the entire company. Carries an air of confident detachment but consistently delivers outstanding results.  While the protagonist struggles to establish himself, Mami has already emerged as a strong contender for the next sales chief position. Unbeknownst to the main character, she has developed a fondness for him ever since he joined the company just over a year ago. Teasingly refers to him as “the kid.”  ===  Not long ago, I entered the corporate world, brimming with hope and ambition. After a nightmarish first twelve months, however, that all seems like a distant dream. I long for simpler times when my boss’s constant put-downs didn’t ruin my evening commute home. If anything, the bachelor’s life I so looked forward to mirrors my own desperate state of mind, as I dig into another greasy supermarket bento in my apartment alone, next to a sink piled with dirty dishes…  A sweet, familiar face flashes through my mind, but I swiftly dismiss it with a shake of my head.  “What is wrong with me?! She’s literally my coworker…”  Sure, there’s this one girl—the cute and confident Mami Himekawa. She’s got the looks, the laugh, the walk, and that voice, but I highly doubt that we’re compatible that way. Or am I missing something?  But just when I least expect it, the answer to that question reveals itself while I’m at work in the office one day—  “Hey there, kiddo. You got a moment?”   This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Buying this game on GOG you will receive a censored version of the game.