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THIS IS A SHOOT ‘EM UP, NOT A DODGE ‘EM UP This game is about shooting swarms of enemies before they can reach your mothership. This is not a bullet hell where you need to dodge hails of bullets and patterns. Don’t get complacent though, enemies will return fire. A well placed shot could ruin your timing and let that pesky missile drone through. ROGUELIKEY RUNS Damage to the mothership is permanent, and if it’s destroyed, you start from the beginning. Going for repairs will pass up extra cash or shiny new equipment. Procedurally generated runs deliver a constantly fresh experience, from level selection and bonuses to the enemy combinations within, they will rarely be the same. ULTIMATE CONTROL, TACTICAL FREEDOM Take control of an entire arsenal of weapons and gadgets. You will be like a flying swiss army knife, picking the right tool for the job at the right time. There are always multiple solutions available for any situation. it will be up to you how you spend your limited resources in each level. OVERKILL Pump excess lead into your enemies and see them explode into chunks of deadly shrapnel that can take out even more enemies. Get style points for chaining kills. TAKE A WINGMAN Two-player co-op locally with controllers and keyboard. You can even play on the same keyboard (n-key rollover recommended)! A SCI-FI CALAMITY The Artificial Scientific Discovery Intelligence has gone rogue. In control of a massive facility with full fabrication capabilities, it constructed itself rockets and lifted off into space. It is now raiding nearby human settlements with swarms of drones for resources, presumably to further science at an unprecedented rate. End the menace before the entirety of human civilization is in ruins!