Talisman: Origins – The Eternal Conflict


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In The Eternal Conflict, you’re thrown into a battle between the forces of good and evil. Experience new stories through the eyes of characters from ‘The Sacred Pool’ Talisman Expansion in 5 new exciting chapters. Featuring new stories that focus on expanding the characters of the Dread Knight, Chivalric Knight, Magus and Cleric, see for yourself what makes these characters fall upon the side of good or evil! Each character is the focus of their own chapter, allowing you to see the land of Talisman through their eyes. Create your own evil cult, or work to purge the evil that has taken root in the land. Twist the world to fit your evil ambitions, or show the world that selfless heroes still exist! Will you align with the forces of good and save the land of Talisman? Or will you plunge the world into darkness? The new ‘Eternal Conflict’ ending sees the forces of good and evil battling for control of the Talisman board. Choose your character and then claim spaces in the name of your alignment, and conquer the land of Talisman! 5 chapters of brand-new story content 5-10 hours of new content New challenges to overcome New achievements to complete An all-new ending for Talisman