Talisman Character – Shape Shifter

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The result of horrific experiments by evil wizards, the Shape Shifter sets off to claim the Crown of Command to hopefully discover their true form. Gain the abilities and appearance of other adventurers and your defeated foes! Purchase this character pack to add the Shape Shifter to your character collection. They are then available to choose in all game modes. Strength – 2 Craft – 4 Fate – 3 Lives – 4 Alignment – Evil Starting Space – Tavern When you attack another character, you may choose to make the attack psychic combat. You may not do this when you are attacked by another character. Whenever you attack and defeat another character in battle or psychic combat, and they lose a life as a result of the attack, you may shift into his shape and use all of his special abilities. If you do so, the other character’s special abilities replace your own special abilities (except this one). If you lose a life as a result of an attack whilst in this form, you immediately revert to your original shape. Whenever you fight a character or creature, you may morph into the shape of one of your trophies and use its Strength or Craft instead of your own. If you are defeated, you do not lose a life and the trophy is discarded instead. You cannot be turned into a Toad, ignore any effect that would turn you into a Toad.