Talisman Character – Goblin Shaman


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Looking to claim the Crown of Command for his goblin clan, the Goblin Shaman joins the fray! Recruit goblins you encounter in your travels and sacrifice them to gain new spells. Lead your horde of goblins to victory! Purchase this character pack to add the Goblin Shaman to your character collection. He is then available to choose in all game modes. Strength – 2 Craft – 4 Fate – 4 Lives – 3 Alignment – Evil Start – Crags You need not roll the die in the Crags unless you wish to. If you choose to roll, you must accept the result. Whenever you land on the Crags, you may replenish fate up to your fate value. Whenever you encounter an Enemy card that has the word “Goblin” or “Hobgoblin” in its title, you may spellbind it and take it as a Follower instead of attacking it. At the end of your turn, you may discard one of your spellbound Enemies and gain 1 Spell, if your Craft allows. When you would lose a life you may discard one of your spellbound Enemies to prevent the loss of life.