Tails Noir: Original Soundtrack


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Tails Noir: Original Soundtrack by Danshin and Arooj Aftab encompasses 30 tracks composed exclusively for Tails Noir and Tails Noir: Prologue. Featuring an incredible fusion of triphop and doom jazz instrumentation, these evocative pieces will allow you to vicariously relive the stories of Tails Noir’s characters and their journeys set in dystopian Vancouver, BC. The inspiration for both the game and the jazzy undertones of the soundtrack stem from a random encounter with a raccoon in Danshin’s backyard, after many attempts to scare it off with sticks and household items it was a loudly blown trumpet that finally convinced the visitor to leave. After Danshin began composing the Tails Noir OST and posting samples online, well-known experimental artist Arooj Aftab reached out and asked to contribute and collaborate as a composer and vocalist. . Tracklist: [2:49] Coming Home, Pt.2 [6:50] Rainy Streets [4:06] Not Your Usual Night [3:44] Endless February, Pt.1 [3:31] Abode [2:12] Public Disquiet [4:36] The Fall of Man [0:57] Seawall [6:28] Endless February Pt.2 [3:33] Calling [1:30] Clip Up and Let’s Go [3:05] Starling [4:59] Post-Colonial Hangover [3:30] Housing Supply [3:07] Grinding for Life [5:15] I Wonder [2:00] Beyond the Smoke Screen [1:22] Who Poisoned the Soup? [3:30] DOB [3:14] My Heart Feels Small Today [2:46] There Go the Clouds [7:27] There Goes the Sun [3:42] The Warmth of Parents’ Hands [2:21] Screaming Lights [3:28] Storming The Gate [3:26] To be Changed [0:43] Stub My Cigarette Out on Your Tail [4:51] Not Trapped Yet [5:05] Of a Soul Withering in the House of Flesh [3:21] Stay With Me, Pt.2