Sundered®: Eldritch Edition


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Sundered is a chaotic hand­-drawn metroidvania where you resist or embrace ancient eldritch powers. Confront hordes of terrifying enemies in an ever-changing world inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Sundered is a challenging and unique take on a classic genre from the creators of Jotun, now with local co-op!  You play Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever-­changing caverns filled with hordes of terrifying enemies. Harness the power of corrupted relics to defeat gigantic bosses, at the cost of your humanity. Resist or embrace.  Sundered: Eldritch Edition includes the Magnate of the Gong update, adding local co-op multiplayer support for up to 4 players, along with new areas and a chaotic battle against the new Magnate of the Gong boss! Features:   Beautiful hand­-drawn art and animation Chaotic encounters against hordes of enemies Epic boss fights Optional local co-op for up to 4 players Hundreds of upgrades and multiple character builds A mix of hand-crafted & procedural levels Multiple endings and over 15 hours of gameplay