Stronghold: Warlords – The Art of War Campaign


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Beginning in the ashes of the Western Zhou dynasty and culminating in the Battle of Boju, The Art of War Campaign is designed for series veterans and skilled warlords alike. With six extra missions, two new warlords, added challenge and achievements, players will become the master strategist across a new narrative campaign set in 6th Century BC China. These six new DLC missions feature fresh challenges and historical conflicts, with states vying for dominance in a vicious cycle of rivalries, wars, alliances and betrayals. Players can expect to relive several years from Sun Tzu’s legendary exploits, conquering new tactical scenarios and strongholds in the process. Face new challenges as Sun Tzu’s story progresses with new maps, gameplay and the addition of two brand new warlords. Rat Warlord The Rat Warlord is a small part but vital part of your master plan, lulling opponents into a false sense of security before revealing his bite! With a unique perk that increases damage from Tribesmen units, The Rat is an ideal warlord to acquire early and catch enemies off guard. A smart diplomatic option capable of providing quick military strength, the Rat can be used to play the long game, stunt an opponent’s economic growth and win the war of economies. Panda Warlord Slow to anger but a fierce defender when pushed, the Panda is best used with his protective nature in mind. With a perk that increases the chance of arrows deflecting off castle walls, the Panda makes himself indispensable by extending this benefit to the player’s castle and all warlords under their control. Combine this with his economic and defence boosting edicts and the Panda is an effective bulwark against almost any AI incursion. DLC Features New Story – Become the master strategist controlling Sun Tzu in six historical conflicts. Six Missions – Put your Stronghold skills to the test with a series of challenging scenarios. Two Warlords – Subdue the enemy without fighting using new perks, edicts and upgrades. The Rat Warlord – Cause some mischief! Boost your attacking power early on to get ahead. The Panda Warlord – Combine unique anti-archer protection with industry-boosting edicts. Extra Achievements – Claim the title of Stronghold completionist with new achievements.