Spark in the Dark DEMO


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Spark in the Dark is coming soon and can be wishlisted here This place is shrouded in mystery. Horrible legends and gloom filled ancient stories, full of unimaginable things, have been going around for centuries. The Endless Dungeon that was created long before humans…So say the old people. Now — a place of darkness and ugly creatures. Spark in the Dark is an atmospheric Dungeon Crawler in a medieval dark fantasy setting, where our hero dives into the depths of a grim ancient Dungeon.  5 classes of heroes each with unique skills. Bloody battles with monstrous creatures and deadly traps. A lot of interactions with the environment, including testing the skills of the hero. Many secret places. Deep and intricate lore; About one hundred books and annals with stories revealing the secrets of the dark Dungeon as well as diaries, notes and points of interest. Levelling up the skills of the hero as they are used. Blessings, curses and injuries. Damaging and repairing the Hero’s equipment. Procedural Generation; Monsters, equipment, loot, stats and some level elements are generated differently each time you enter the Dungeon. What terrible secrets keep dark depths in themselves? Is there a limit to the Abyss? Who lived here before us?Try to survive in the darkness of endless Dungeon full of ancient secrets and terrible creatures. Or stay here forever, trying to find a way out!