Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Deluxe Edition

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Deluxe Edition includes a Season Pass with new quests: ‘Saints and Sinners’ DLC ‘Mycroft’s Pride’ DLC ‘M for Mystery’ DLC ‘Beyond A Joke’ DLC In this story-driven detective thriller, a young Sherlock Holmes struggles to prove himself as he navigates an exotic, dangerous island in the Mediterranean to investigate the mystery of his mother’s death. Before he was the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes was a brilliant rebel itching to prove himself. When an old wound compels him back to the Mediterranean shore where his mother died, it seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that—but beneath the vibrant urban veneer of Cordona, the rhythm of island life strikes a more ominous beat. Crime and corruption, a twisted sense of justice and morality.. These are just a few stumbling-blocks in Sherlock’s quest for truth.