Serafina and the Key to the Egg UNRATED


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After receiving a challenge which could determine the future of her village, if not the whole world, Serafina sets out for the city of Mirado. There she will have to do whatever it takes to gain the prestige, money, and connections necessary to participate in the town’s famous auction and reacquire her family’s long-lost treasure. The Key to the Egg is a treasure of great power. It was once in the care of Serafina’s secluded village, but it was stolen long before she was even born. One day, the elder receives a shocking letter from Ange, Serafina’s rival for the title of True Maiden: She claims to have found their lost treasure! The elder has little choice but to send Serafina off to try and get it back. Explore the city, take on a variety of jobs, and engage in different activities in order to retrieve the legendary heirloom! You’ll face many challenges, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to grow stronger and overcome them. Don’t take it too easy though! The day of the auction is fast approaching, which means you’re on a timer. Crawl through dungeons to grow stronger and earn money to afford items, gear, and precious information. Manage your resources to spoil Ange’s ambitions and take back the Key to the Egg! Streamlined Gameplay Don’t waste your time plodding around a map! Advance through quests via narrative events. Classic Combat Fight your enemies in turn-based combat! Level up, improve your gear, and invest skill points to access more powerful and versatile abilities. Varied Events Discover a multitude of colorful events as you explore the story, both in town and on quests! Time Management Explore, take on quests and jobs, and earn money, but keep a close eye on your time and resources! This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.