Scythe: Digital Edition – Soundtrack


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The original score for Scythe: Digital Edition, composed by Damian Czajka, MichaƂ SkrzypczyƄski and Patryk Scelina, is inspired by Central and Eastern European cultures portrayed through the fictional factions of the game. This free DLC contains all 16 tracks and will be updated as new tunes are added to the game. Europa 1920 (main theme) Anna & Wojtek (Polania opening) Camaraderie (Polania at war) Bjorn & Mox (Nordic opening) Artillery (Nordic at war) Olga & Changa (Rusviet opening) People’s Army (Rusviet at war) Zehra & Kar (Crimea opening) Scout (Crimea at war) Gunter, Nacht & Tag (Saxony opening) Disarm (Saxony at war) Factory Connor & Max (Albion opening) Sword (Albion at war) Akiko & Jiro (Togawa opening) Ronin (Togawa at war)