Scars Above, Original Soundtrack and Stories & Art


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Scars Above, Original Soundtrack and Stories & Art includes: Scars Above – Full Game A challenging sci-fi third-person action adventure shooter combining the rewarding feel of overcoming difficulty with a compelling and intricate story, set in a mysterious alien world to explore. Original Soundtrack A carefully curated selection of thirty music tracks which tell Kate’s story – from dark, brooding drones to expansive ambiences, morphing electronic beats and melancholic synth melodies.Composed by Miloš Nikolić, Nemanja Rančić – Kortiko and Dimitrije Cvetković, with a special guest star: TheDooo. Story & Artbook Explore the art of Scars Above in greater depth, from concept drawings through to full implementation. Together with a collection of short stories, written by an experienced fantasy author, you’ll get a deeper insight into the events and the alien world you need to escape from.