Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Soundtrack


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The Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space soundtrack is a 53-track extravaganza featuring over three hours of music from Sam & Max’s second episodic season. The Rapa Nui Choo Choo? Zombie rave classics? Mariachis?! They’re all here, along with many of the season’s scored cutscenes and eight all-new tracks written for the Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space remaster and performed by live musicians. Written and arranged by composer Jared Emerson-Johnson and given the quiet nod of approval by Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space’s lead designer, Brendan Q. Ferguson: “UNRELENTING HORROR. That’s what it’s like to play an episode of Sam & Max before Jared’s finished the score. Why, I wonder, did I ever think this was fun? Then one day, seemingly out of the thinnest of air, this incredible music suddenly appears, and I think, ‘By Jove, this is the game of the millennium!’ When I first got the Season One soundtrack, I had to make room for it in the permanent CD collection in my car. How good was the music? Well, I had to yank Beethoven’s third symphony (yes, the Eroica) to make room. And now Season Two comes along and quietly surpasses it. But not too quietly. So roll over Beethoven, the Season Two soundtrack has arrived!” Brendan Q. Ferguson “WHAT A JOY IT IS to present this complete soundtrack recording for a second season of Sam & Max episodes. It was my absolute pleasure and privilege to follow our ignoble duo once again, as they made their way around the globe, through time, all the way to their final resting place, and back again. I can’t imagine a more creative and collaborative team than the one we’ve had for this series—fearlessly led by Brendan Ferguson, Chuck Jordan, Randy Tudor, and David Bogan. Their creative influence on the score can’t be overstated, nor can the contributions of the musicians and engineers that brought the score to life in the studio. Finally, I want to offer my thanks and warm wishes to the fans—of the comics, the games, and the music. It was you, after all, whose passion for Steve’s characters made this series a possibility in the first place, and what fun it’s been! I’d like to dedicate this soundtrack to my colleague Michael Whitwell, whose world-class talent truly brought this score to life.” Jared Emerson-Johnson