Rough Justice: ’84 – Supporter Pack


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The Rough Justice: ’84 Supporter Pack contains: the Original Soundtrack (OST) with 18 tracks Art & Design book with over 200 pages The Art & Design book goes over the creation process of much of the artwork as well as the design process of Rough Justice: ‘84; from the initial concept sketches to the final in-game renderings, the book takes you behind the scenes of the game’s development, exploring the techniques and processes used to bring the game to life. The Rough Justice: ’84 Original Soundtrack (OST) contains 18 tracks with over 37 minutes of neon-noir retro-synth vibes composed and performed by Raouf Djeffel, whose work can be heard in trailers and promos for Star Wars Andor, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Call of Duty Warzone, Halo Infinite, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Expanse, and many more. Track list: 1. Main Theme 2. Detective Squander 3. Bread and Butter 4. Day Shift 5. Wake Up Call 6. We Own This City 7. Down and Out 8. Bleeding Hearts 9. Bountiful Hunters 10. Heartbeat City 11. P.I. Dreams 12. Agency De-jour 13. Do Me A Solid 14. Falscher Freund 15. But Wait, There’s More 16. One More Question 17. Follow The Money 18. Neon Nuremberg