Riven: The Deluxe Edition


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Riven: The Deluxe Edition includes: Riven The Art of Riven The Riven Companion Celebrate the return to Riven with the Deluxe Edition that includes the from-the-ground-up remake of Riven , The Art of Riven digital art book and the Riven Companion digital strategy guide . Travel to Riven, a beautiful and mysterious world on the verge of collapse. Explore this mysterious place, solve its puzzles, reveal its mysteries, make a daring rescue, and escape. Bring the Riven Companion along for the journey, and have everything you need to solve Riven’s devious puzzles at your fingertips. Whether you prefer to read the journals of someone taking the journey alongside you, or you just need one hint to get your gears moving again, this digital strategy guide has you covered. Then immerse yourself in over a hundred pages of beautiful concepts, highly detailed 3D models, in-progress art, and incredible ideation in The Art of Riven. Take a peek behind the scenes and see how the Cyan artists created some of Riven’s most compelling visuals.