Riddle of the Sphinx™ Book of the Dead Ends™ In-Game Hint Guide


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We are excited to unveil Riddle of the Sphinx’s™ proprietary in-game hint and solutions system, known as the Book of the Dead-Ends™! The Book of the Dead-Ends™ is a nod to the real-world ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead; a collection of funerary scrolls. However, with the Book of the Dead Ends™, you can actually reveal the mysteries of ancient Egypt and ultimately solve the Riddle of the Sphinx! We’ve compiled all of the scrolls into one in-game, contextual tome featuring individual hint and solution scrolls linked to each area of your adventure. Not only will you discover overarching and very specific hints, but you will have instantaneous solutions to individual areas, items, and puzzles, as well as the solution to solving the whole adventure! Plus, we have included exclusive Developer’s Notes and artiFACTS. Developer’s Notes feature exclusive behind-the-scenes information, notes, and sketches. ArtiFACTS™ contain interesting factual, historical data relating to your current area. Unlock this invaluable treasure trove of riddle-revealing scrolls to further enhance your epic Egyptian adventure! (Hint: you may come to the point of needing to consult these papyrus sages if you get stuck.)