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This RTS challenges you to a race to acquire energy and create a new home for yourself in a newly discovered galaxy. Featuring strategic terraforming to acquire resources, the game lets you manipulate the landscape to extract energy, expand your base, increase covered territory and limit your opponents’ options. In turn, energy extraction provides power to units, buildings and protective force shields, making energy management and environmental awareness the key components to successful gameplay. In addition, Perimeter’s use of a feature called nanomorph technology allows units to be transformed into different strategic elements directly on the battlefield. Teamed with a wealth of missions, structure types, maps and factions, Perimeter delivers unparalleled tactical opportunities ready for adaptation in any gameplay situation.Beautiful graphics and a very advanced terraforming engine. An impressive number of versatile units that can transform to best fit the current needs of the battlefield. A unique and compelling story in a surreal world shaped by dreams and nightmares.